In Person Tutoring

All Access Education provides tutoring sessions face to face in person to support students in an individualised manner.

All sessions are tailored to the individual students needs. We discuss their goals for tutoring at the first session and together we come up with a plan to achieve these goals. Our main focus is to help the students gain confidence, soft skills and the ability to independently implement the learning techniques we provide.

These sessions can take place in your home or at a mutually chosen public meeting point, dependant upon what will be most beneficial for the students learning experience. The locations of these sessions are limited by where we have staff available so please do contact us to find out more!

There are several different service options to choose from, see below for details of these options:

  • One to one session at $75

  • Family session at $100-$125 (2 - 3 siblings)

  • Group sessions can be discussed

* All of our sessions are designed to be 1hr long, if you wish to do longer (or shorter) sessions depending on the students needs please let us know.

* Prices include GST.

* We are constantly expanding, so please contact us to request an in person session, we will do our best to facilitate your requirements, whatever subject, grade and area you require.